Nomad Printing, formerly known as Printingasia-Australia, has for the past 8 years serviced the Australian Printing Industry.

In that time we have traversed this great landscape servicing smaller, neglected publishing companies introducing not only our expertise in conventional printing but also that of sound printing. The latter has led to the production of many glorious Aboriginal language and story books.

Our relationship with the Aboriginal Community was fostered with our attendance at the very first Puliima Conference in Melbourne back in 2009, where we were fortunate to meet with so many interesting people, from truly remote locations.

It is our hope that you will allow us to quote on some upcoming print projects.

You will find us most competitive on all your printing needs, be it posters right through to cased in coffee table books.

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Audio & Sound Books We Have Printed


Walpiri women’s songs from Yeuendemu, celebrating the journey of Yarripiri, an ancestral inland Taipan snake, on a northward journey through Warlpiri country.

This book is a songbook and is printed in sound.


Angenty is a sacred waterhole in Anmatyerr and Walpiri country, north of Alice Springs. Elders told stories about ancestral spirits of this country, and senior women painted up young girls teaching them songs, dances and designs associated with these beings.

This book is a songbook and is printed in sound.


This book presents stories from the Gun-nartpa people of North Central Arnhem Land. The story tells of Ancestral Spirits who created the country, and who are celebrated in ceremonies and visual arts.

This book is a audio book and is printed in sound.


A book from the Utopia region of Central Australia. The songs relate stories of everyday along with significant events, including the travels of ancestral women, plants of the area and events during a site documentation with the Central Land Council.

This book is a songbook and is printed in sound.


An immersive showcase of the many songs composed in Yanyuwa, Marra, Garrwa and Gudanji languages over the last 100 years. There are songs of land rights claims, the maranja- dugong hunters of excellence, and Ancestral Beings journeying across country.

This book is a songbook and is printed in sound.


Celebrating language and the stories of Gami Ollie George. One of the last fluent Badimaya language speakers, 82 year old George has had his lifes stories preserved in language.

This book is printed with sound.

Benefits Of Sound Printing



There is absolutely no difference in our price should you elect to print in sound or in the conventional manner.


It adds VALUE

Your product has a voice whereas your competition is muted.


No Commitment

There’s no commitment to purchase readers. You can purchase as required, be it one only.


No Risks

Your product will look no different, cost no more to produce but will be perceived as more valuable in the market place.



You will be able to incorporate many titles on each reader. This can be done progressively with new titles being downloaded onto the readers as they become available. This can be done via your website with the use of a USB cable.

“Printing in sound, an exciting new innovation in which anyone can participate”

Find Out About The Sound Printing Process

The actual printing process does not differ at all with publishers still required to supply PDF’s for CTP printing.

How this works:

Audio files (preferably MP3) are to be supplied along with your PDF’s and laser proofs, the latter will act as a script.

These audio files need to be of good quality, remembering always that what you supply us is what you will hear in return.

Audio files to be supplied as individual files, for instance, should you wish to add sound to a single word, sentence, paragraph or indeed page, then these will need to be supplied as separate audio files.

When producing these files remember that each needs to be numbered and cross referenced to the laser proofs.

The recording of files can be accomplished in several ways. Where budget permits this can be done in a recording studio or as simply as using a basic professional digital audio editor, such as Goldway on your laptop or computer.

Upon receipt of the audio files and PDF, the audio files will pass through our authoring tool process linking each audio file with its very own code.

The codes are a series of microscopic dots (2400dpi) which when printed (in black) are barely noticeable. The codes are combined with the K layer (black) on your PDF and are then loaded, together with the audio files onto mini SD cards and inserted into the audio readers, which when activated recognise each code much the same as a barcode reader would.

Before commencement of printing, you will receive laser proofs of your project, proofs complete with sound, accompanied by a fully loaded reader. Just as with any other printing production you need to carefully check proofs for both sound and content.

Finally, when completely happy you will be required to sign off and return to Nomad Printing whereby the normal printing process begins.

Other Books We Have Printed


Aboriginal biocultural knowledge from the Moyle river, plains and
coast, north Australia.


The dreams of Taungurung people past and present is now reality with the publication of this beautifully designed Dictionary.


The enthralling Power and Colour of Aboriginal painting of Tjukurpa (Law) and country has brought Aboriginal art to the forefront of contemporary art practice in Australia.


The Gurindji people hold a secure place in Australian history. Their 1966 strike for better pay and conditions on the pastoral station that had forced them into indentured labour attracted national interest becoming famous as the Wave Hill Walk Off.


Kawarla or coolamons are an important part of Gurindji culture. They are used to carry young babies, collect bush foods and medicines, and have an important place in many


Started by the Bundiyarra-irra Wangga Language Program, the dictionary has over 2500 entries compiled by more than 100 elders, linguists and community members.

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